Monday, August 16, 2010

Bento Boxes

As promised, here is a post of my bento boxes.  I took all these pics in a hurry, because I never found time to do it, so I just DID IT and didn't get creative in photography (and it was late at night).

First we will start with a new one that I haven't acutally used yet.  I won this Dr. Sears Nibble Tray from Christy at One Little Word She Knew.  I can't wait to try it!
These are Tupperware brand baby bowls.  I actually received them as a baby shower gift with CB and they worked perfect for his first bento's.  I have two of them.  One is green and one is orange, both with yellow lids.  Check it out in action here.

I purchased this Toy Story bento box at the Disney Store on clearance.  I LOVE this box.  It has a little tray in it so it is 2 tiered and perfect for CB's bentos!  Check it out in action here.
These Strawberry Shortcake and Bob the Builder boxes came from the Dollar Tree.  I really like how deep they are!  Check the out in action here.
These are just sandwich boxes.  I have never actually packed a whole bento in one.  Many people do though!  I will definately attempt it soon!
I adore my Sassy boxes!  These came from Target and  You can find them on the baby aisle.  I bought 2 sets so I could mix and match colors.  Check them out in action here and here.
This 2 tiered bento box came from the FIT Japanese Dollar Store in Houston.  You have to secure it with a bento band as it does not actually snap securely together.  It was very cheap but totally cute!   Check it out in action here.
This bento box also came from the FIT.  I have actually only used it once and didn't get a picture.  I need to work on using it more this year!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Laptop Lunchbox!  I use it most often probably.  Its just so EASY to use!  I purchased it from Amazon.  Here is one of the many bentos I have done with it.
I recently bought an extra set of "insides" for our Laptop Lunchbox.  I have used the big box once here.
My Lock and Lock box is wonderful.  Also VERY easy.  (See a pattern here {EASY})  I bought it on Amazon also.  Check it out in action here.  The 4 dividers all come out so you can use it in several different ways!
This box came from Target.  It was around $3 so I bought 2!  My hubby and I use these pretty often, although I do pack it for Freddi sometimes like here.
Now this is a very common Sterlite box that you can buy almost anywhere to start out with.  This was my first box.  I still use it every once in a while.
This is how they all compare to each other size wise.

Now on to my "Bento Box Wish List"....

The Goodbyn

This one looks like SO much fun!  Its a little big, but Kylee can put away some food these days!  You get to decorate the outside with stickers!  You can purchase this one on Amazon for $18.20 right now.

Yubo Lunchbox

This one is SO neat looking!  First of all, it comes with two "faceplates" that can be interchanged.  You can by extra faceplates seperately.  The carry strap can also be adjusted to carry it vertically or horizontally.  And guess what!  The box is dishwasher safe!! (Too bad I dont have a dishwasher!)  This box is $29.95 on Amazon right now.

Easy Lunchboxes

These Easy LunchBoxes come in a pack of 4 and you can also purchase a cooler bag that they fit perfectly in!  The set of 4 run $13.95 and the cooler bag is $7.95.  You can check them out here.

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I hope you find this post informative.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks for stopping by!! Stay tuned for Bento Storage!


Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

Woo, I love looking at other people's bento stuff :D

I must say, I saw the Goodbyn in person at a local store and it is monstrous. About ten times bigger than I had thought. Kidlet would never have gone for lugging it around lol

Kelly Polizzi said...

cool post. i like those little pink boxes. looking forward to your storage post. i need some ideas!

BTW i just love your blog background, so pretty and ... bento-ish.

Bar 7 Ranch said...

Thanks Jenn. I haven't seen it in person yet. Kylee probably wouldnt want to lug it around either! ;)

and Thanks Kelly!

RLR said...

Thanks for the bento-tour! I'm going to have to check my local dollar store and target for some smaller containers. We have Laptop Lunchboxes, and I love them, but sometimes they are just bigger than what I need (especially if the kids are taking a thermos to school with mac-n-cheese or soup).
Hope you'll drop by my blog sometime!