Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Organization and an Impromptu Photo Shoot ;)

So, we made a trip to Lowe's this weekend and purchased some things to get organized!  I totally meant to do a before and after but my sweet hubby and grandpa were just too quick for me.  They totally beat me in the laundry room!  and I was too tired to lift my camera by the time we got to Bubby's bedroom. 

The problem was we had toys EVERYWHERE!!  We had a huge tub in the living room and a huge tub in Bubby's bedroom.  We started by getting rid of about half of those toys.  Then Cody put together this little book shelf/toy bin for Clancy's room.  I love it!!  It is the perfect height for him and I'm hoping now he won't drag EVERYTHING out in search for some buried treasure!  We shall see how it goes. not attempt this with the (almost) 2 year old in the room.  He takes it out faster than you can put it in!
And here is the Laundry Room.  Picture this wall bare.  That was the before.  They installed this awesome shelving system to hold the overflow from my cabinet in there.  I adore it too!  I was able to get rid of the rolling clothes hanger I had in there, and now maybe, just maybe, I can actually fold clothes on the counter in there!!
Next up is a Sunday-morning-on-the-way-out-the-door-for-church-impromptu-photo-shoot.  I needed to snap a picture of Kylee for a school project so I could print it while we were in town for church.  Well, Clancy has decided he now needs in EVERY picture I take (which I love!).  So that prompted the following adorable photos. ENJOY!


The Gray Family said...

I LOVE an organized house! Too bad I don't have one! HA! I got a gift card from the girls who hosted a baby shower for me to Home Depot to buy the stuff to add a closet organizer to Saydee's closet! I'm SUPER excited.... now if I can just get my hubby motivated to put it all together!

The Deason's said...

I want to get some orgainization to my craft stuff!! I don't think Hobby Lobby bags count as organization!
and I love Clancy's cute little expressions all the time!!