Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun at the Park!

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The Tonka Truck

Clancy liked this Tonka Truck a lot til I wasted my quarters in it!!!!
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pop's Black Eye...

First of all, YES my 5 year old REALLY caused that black eye to my Grandfather. But, no, she did not actually punch him, just thought it'd be a cute pic! Apparently it was a "miscommunication" between them. He bent over and she Jumped! There was blood and crying and everything!

These pics were taken last night, 5 days after it happened!

Kylee's First Fair

Kylee is in Clover Kids this year. Clover Kids is for the younger kids, before they are eligible to compete in 4H. They get to show a goat or rabbit and can do up to 3 Home Economic entries. Kylee did the 3 Home Economic entries and showed a goat in this years Coryell County Youth Fair. Santa brought her Baby Makaylie's goat to take care of and show in the fair. She named her Snowflake. Snowflake had to go back to Baby Makaylies house after the fair and Kylee misses her. Kylee did a great job with all her projects! She took care of her goat everyday in the freezing cold. The pillow is going to look great in her "While You Were Out" Birthday Bedroom Makeover! (Sssshhhhh!!! its a SURPRISE!!) And she tooks lots of good photos! It was hard to pick which one to use! And we are all still enjoying the big batch of Doughnut Muffins she made!

Purple and Zebra Fleece Tie Pilliow
Old Tractor Photo

Doughnut Muffins

Waiting to go into the Show Ring. Looks like Jenna is giving her some last minute pointers!

Showing like a pro!

Her trophy!

Bubby thinks sisters muffins deserve a Blue Ribbon!!

Kylee lost her First Tooth!!

Well, Kylee's first tooth started getting loose at Christmas. She has been wanting one to fall out SO BAD, that I didnt believe her until I finally wiggled it. I actually really think SHE MADE it lose by messing with it SO MUCH!! At one point, it was so loose that there was a huge gap and it looked like a tooth was missing. Well, last Saturday after the Goat Show, we were eating lunch and it started bleeding. Kylee HATES blood! So she was freaking out! She wouldnt pull it or let anyone else. I was so scared she was going to swallow it in her sleep as bad as she grinds her teeth at night. Well, on Sunday after church, Cora finally convinced her on getting it out! Holly made her this cute Tooth Fairy pillow to use. On Monday morning she woke up at 4:30 am wanting to check and see if the Tooth Fairy had come. She was SO excited when she saw that she had come that she woke EVERYONE in the house and of course no one could go back to sleep. I really think she was more thrilled over the Fairy Dust than the $5 bill!! Enjoy the pic of my little Snaggle Tooth Girl! Erika


We had a wonderful Christmas! We put up outside lights this year. (Or Cody and Pop put up outside lights this year!) That was so much fun to look at everyday. We got to spend a lot of time with family and friends and enjoy lots of good cooking! Here are some of the highlights! ENJOY!
Kylees favorite gift, her fair goat, Snowflake

Kylee and Clancy at Memas Christmas

Kylee LOVES this blanket Aunt Kay made her!


Clancy LOVES all his guns!

Clancy's new rocking horse

Clancer's favorite gift from Aunt Deedle and Uncle Larry

Farm Bureau State Convention in Fort Worth

We attended the Texas Farm Bureau State Convention in Fort Worth last month. It was a great experience! Cody competed in the Young Farmer and Rancher Discussion Meet. He placed 2nd in State! It was so exciting to watch him up there on stage! We also got to go out one night and watch the Bellamy Brothers. They were awesome!
Cody and Will in the Water Garden

Cody on the Big Screen!

Runner Up! with all his winnings!