Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School...with a Bento!

Today is Kylee's first day in 1st Grade!  She was so excited.  I am sure she will have a wonderful day!  Clancy also started his new school this morning.  He walked right in and started playing with new friends.  Here are some pics of the big morning...

Back to School Bento:  Crayon Pretzels, Ham and Mustard Tablet-wich, Oreo Stick Pencil, Laffy Taffy Pink Eraser, Blue Marker String Cheese, Ranch, Carrots and Pickles, and Apples all packed in a Plastic Pencil Box of course! 
Kylee, 1st Grade
Clancy, 21 months
My school kids with their backpacks!
Dad, Clancy, and Kylee walking into Kylee's school.
At her desk
Kylee working away.
Clancy walking to his new class.
Clancy making new friends.
They were all peaking out the window, but I wasn't fast enough!

I hope everyone has a wonderful school year!

Shared as part of Whats For Lunch Wednesday!


Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

Awesome first day lunch!!! Looks like the kiddos are having a good school day :D

The Deason's said...

way cute lunch!! I love clancys facial expressions! :)

Sonoma Bento said...

Wow! Kylee must've been the envy of the class with this awesome school themed bento. Did you enter this in hapa bento's contest? You should!

Patrizzia said...

So adorable! My daughter would die with a bento like that! :)

Bar 7 Ranch said...

Thanks all! Yes I entered it on Hapa Bento's site.

Corey W. said...

gracious me that is CUTE! wow!

and I see you're in OK - so am I - Broken Arrow :)

Bar 7 Ranch said...

Thanks Corey! Nope, Im in TX! :)

amanda said...

crayons, paper, marker, eraser AND a pencil?! you win, lol.
amanda from lunchbox limbo

Bethanie said...

Love the bento! I am now a follower and I am super interested in how you made the crayons. Yum!


Bar 7 Ranch said...

Here is where I found the Crayon Pretzels:

Thanks for stopping by!