Monday, August 30, 2010

1st Grade Bento #6 - Gig Em!

I finally broke out the Aggie cutter last night.  I had to after seeing Shannon's Longhorn Bento!!  I tried to cut out some pepperoni letters but it wasn't working too well.  I was tired, so I gave up.

2 "Gig Em" Cheese Quesadillas
the LAST of the leftover Crayon Preztels
Olive Ring
and Strawberry Hearts



The Deason's said...

It looks good!! However, I would rather Hook 'Em or even have my "Guns Up" for Texas Tech, but I will Gig 'Em if I HAVE too!! :)

Bar 7 Ranch said...

Thanks!! Kylee loved it, although her favorite part was the Olive Ring. She ate about 5 olives off it before I could get it in the box!

The Deason's said...

thats hilarious that she likes olives! she tells me Im CrAZy because I DONT LIKE THEM at ALL!! She eats several things that I would never think she would though :)