Friday, September 17, 2010

1st Grade Bento #13 - Homecoming!

The Homecoming game is tonite, and I had big plans to make a wonderful themed bento, but when I finally got to the bento making at 9:45pm last night, it just didn't work out.  I crammed way too much into my Thursday evening thats for sure!
We have a Ham and Mustard Footballwich (I didn't have a good color for the laces :()
Cheese Mums (we wear Mums for Homecoming here in Texas!)
A Oreo Fluffer Cupcake made by this recipe from Picky Palate
and a couple of Oranges.

The kiddos this morning posing in their gamewear.  Clancy will have a Hornet tshirt tonite too!

Kylee's mum in her hair.  They can't wear their mums to school, so my Mom made her a Mum Bow for her hair.  Hopefully she gets to wear it all day.

And the Cheeser!

Check back this weekend for pics of our night at the football game with Kylee's mum!   Have a great weekend!


Kelly Polizzi said...

aww your kids are too cute! And they look so happy and vibrant!

love the footballwich too lol Hope it goes well.

The Deason's said...

cute cute cute!! i want to see her mum! im working and cora and jaks garters today. she found out that the cheerleaders are wearing garters on their leg and not mums so she of course must have a garter! :)