Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bento #42

Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Strawberries and grapes
and 2 oreos

I REALLY need to get better and start taking pics with my actual camera instead of my Blackberry so they will look better.  I will try VERY hard to work on that ;)!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Bento #41 - Flower Bento

I got a bunch of new picks at the Dollar Tree this weekend.  I meant to take pictures of all my finds there, but forgot.  You will see them all soon enough. ;)

Ham and Cheese Flowerwich
w/ Flower fruit leather on top
Strawberry Kabob
Grape Kabob
Choco bunnies in Flower Slicone cup
and pretzels

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bento #40!

Ham and Cheese Sandwich Squares
a Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar made by Granny
Apple Slices
and Pickles

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Migraines at 6 years old? {and giveaway info!}

Today I took Freddi Jo to her pediatrician to see whats going on.  She came home sick from school yesterday again.  She was vomitting but it all started with a headache.  Last Thursday when she was vomitting, the Hubs questioned all these "stomach bugs" she's had this year.  I told him it was probably normal.  It was her first year in school.  She never went to daycare or preschool.  But then when it happened twice in 7 days, I got to thinking.  She sure does complain about headaches alot.  So off the doc we went today.  She checked her out and said she was having migraines.  Seriously?!?  At SIX YEARS OLD?!?  Yep!  So now we are armed with a daily preventative medicine and something for incase she does get a migraine.  She is so miserable with them, so I hope this helps.  Im not real big on giving my 6 year old a daily medicine, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

And check out the awesome giveway at The Vintage Pearl! (or dont, cuz i want to WIN ;) lol)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bento #39

Ham and Cheese Hippowich
Pickle Kabob
Apple Slices
Graham cracker doggy bones (which I should have used yesterday)
and a slim jim!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bento #38

Ham and Cheese Puppywich
Strawberries and Blackberries
Pickle Kabobs
and a Congo Bar!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bento #37

Ham and Cheese Sandwich Squares
Pickle Kabob
Strawberry Hearts

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bento #36

Ham and Cheese Bearwich
with Fruit Leather Bear on top
Orange Segments
Triple Berry Muffin

Bento #35

Ham and Cheese Kittywich
Orange Balloons
and a Donut Muffin


Kylee had ACES Day at school last week.  It was three hours of non stop exercise.  They were worn out by the time it was over!

Bento #34

Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Crackers, an Oreo, and oranges

Bento #33 and Moms...

Sorry you get my stove in the background...Another rushed lunch.  Those are happening more often as we near the end of the school year.  Kylee had a ham and cheese sandwich with oranges and cheese puffs, and I had a ham and cheese sandwich with oranges and doritos.

Bento #32 times 3!

Here we all had ham and cheese sandwiches, oranges, cucumbers, and Kylee had doritos ;)!!

I love Saturdays!

Workin' calves...

We got a new load of calves in a couple weeks ago, so the kids and I went with Cody to work them since we hadn't been out there in a while.  The grass was SO pretty!  Clancy and I ended up playing in the back of the truck the whole time because it was too tall and thick for him to play in!  Kylee helped load the ear tags.  Clancy wanted to help so bad!!

Bento #31

Another leftover sandwich from church, grapes, a granola bar, a mini twix and some cheese puffs all packed in the laptop lunchbox.

Kylee's First Field Trip

Kylee went to the Zoo last month on her first school field trip!  I wasn't able to go, but my Mema went and got these pics for me!

Bubby's Zoo Trip

Bubby went to the Zoo with Granny and Grandad last month.  He loved all the animals!

Bento #30 - Leftovers!

Yes I know this is pretty boring.  This was a leftover sandwich and brownie from church the day before, some grapes, and cheese puffs.  We all three had identical "boring" bentos.