Thursday, August 12, 2010

More new supplies!

Dyno Dips Bento Box
I found this cute box at HEB in the school supplies aisle.  It was around $2 and they had a few different lid colors.  The lid to the dinosaur in the middle seals great so you can fill it your favorite dipping sauces!

Dipper Bento
I found this little dipper bento in the Dollar Aisle at Target.  It has a seperate lid for the middle dipping bowl, so it seals securely and you dont have to worry about leaking.  This was the only color our Target had, however, I went back to HEB a few days ago and found they had these too and in an assortment of colors.  They weren't $1 though.

Sandwich Cutters
Here are a couple more new sandwich cutters I have come across.  I found the Puzzle Bites on a few weeks ago when I was placing a diaper order.  It shows that they are $4.09 today.  I dont think I paid that much for it?  But maybe so, because I REALLY wanted it ;)!  The Train Bytes I found at WalMart.  They have a lot of new cutters like this.  I cannot recall how much it was.  Maybe around $2. 

I can't wait to get started using my new supplies!  What new supplies have you collected over the summer?

STAY TUNED! More Bento Supplies and STORAGE to come!!


The Deason's said...

ooohh. I want the dipper one for me!! target dollar isle?? i have been avoiding target and everywhere lately!! our one day trip is coming soon and its too expensive!! :0)

Bar 7 Ranch said...

Yes it was only $1!! But that was the only color choice. Like I said, HEB does have them too, I cant remember the colors, but I think they were almost $3. :(

Shannon said...

Can't wait to see the rest, wish we had HEB in Dallas!

Help yourself to the pictures/links you need. :o)

The Deason's said...

i saw something in a magazine you bento-ers may like...its called yubo box i it. its kinda expensive...but maybe worth it. other supplies should fit in it too.

Bar 7 Ranch said...

Thanks Holly! It does look cool!