Friday, August 27, 2010

Lunch Revolution Blog Party and 1st Grade Bento #5 - The Sandwich Box

I am linking this post up to the Lunch Revolution Blog Party!

Fed up with Lunch and Notes from the Cookie Jar are hosting this event.  I just thought it would be fun to join and share my lunch ideas!  Here are the questions they want answered:

  • How is "Back to School" going for your family?  Back to School is going great for us!  Things are actually way more organized and we are all getting more sleep!  Kylee is enjoying her new teacher and Clancy is enjoying his new little school!

  • Is school lunch an important part of your child's day?  Of course!  This is when she gets recharged for the remainder of her school day. 

  • What is school lunch like at your child's school?  Well, I have only been up to her school for lunch one time last year.  I don't remember what they had for lunch that day (because I brought pizza for Kylee) but I thought it looked fairly decent for school lunch.  Kylee enjoys eating in the cafeteria, but I also enjoy packing her lunch.

  • Does school lunch need to be reformed?  Yes.  As for what I have seen on tv and blogs, I believe alot of schools definately need a lunch "makeover."

  • Do you pack lunch for your kids and what do you pack?  Yes.  I pack bentos for my daughter.  I usually pack some type of sandwich.  This is because she LOVES sandwiches and also because they do not have access to heat up their food.  (I plan to get a thermos asap and try to change it up a bit!)  I do try to change up the sandwich bread, serving sliders, tortillas, etc.  I always try to have a fresh fruit and a fresh veggie in there too.  Tomatoes and broccoli are her favorites, but we are working on trying new things.  She loves strawberries, apples, oranges, and pineapple for her fruit.  I also try to pack something with some crunch to it, like goldfish, pretzels, etc.

  • Do you write notes in your kid's lunches and what do you write?  Yes I do.  She is only in 1st Grade, so right now I keep it simple:  I love you, Have a great Day, I miss you, Hugs and Kisses.  I want to write lunchbox jokes next year maybe!

  • What are some great beverages for kids and adults?  We pack water every day.  I think getting enough water is very important for kiddos, especially when its 100 degrees outside!  I would like to try some of the V8 type drinks to get more veggies in, but I dont know how that will go over.

  • How much time should kids get to eat lunch?  I think 30 minutes is a good time.  I wish it was about 45 minutes, but that would just make the school day even longer. 

  • What are some products that you use when you pack lunch?  Nutella, Peanut Butter, and Light Ranch for dips, Cheese (usually Cojack) cut into shapes, Fresh fruits and veggies are a staple in our lunches, granola bars, muffins, fruit leather, pepperonis, black olives.
My goal for this new school year:  To explore new foods.  I actually don't eat half the things that I try to get my kiddos to eat.  I know, pathetic.  I am a pretty picky eater.  And I think we should lead by example, so that is my goal for this year.  Feel free to check on me every once in a while ;)!

I hope you have found this information informative!  Please check out the rest of the posts joining the Lunch Revolution Blog Party!

and now for a bento...
So I decided to try my hand at fitting a bento lunch in a sandwich box.  Verdict:  I didn't do so well.  Maybe it was because I was trying to fit some leftover Crayon Pretzels in there.  I don't know.  The problem is, I can no longer use my daughter's Laptop Lunchbox :(.  She wanted to use her new Zebra/Peace Sign backpack and lunchbox this year and it just doesn't quite fit :(.  It was my total favorite.  SO...its going to take me a while to figure out my favorite box(es).  Just bear with me ;)
Today she is having:
Turkey Slider
Leftover Crayon Pretzels
Orange Slices
and Grape Tomatoes.


Kris said...


I love the laptop lunch box too, and I'd love to use it, but a certain 3 year old, misplaced the outer case.

Keri said...

Too Cute. the Crayons are genius! Love it.

Keri at

Mrs. Q said...

Thanks so much for participating. I put your link in and it's showing up now! I love the bento thing. I'm going to have to do bentos too. Just wondering what are those crayon pretzels made of?

Shannon said...

I *love* the crayons, amazing!

And just for you, check out Shaun's conference lunch from Saturday! ;o)

Bar 7 Ranch said...

Thanks Kris and Keri! I found the crayon pretzels here Mrs Q And Shannon, I got you back today!! ;) Check it out!