Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cody's 30th Birthday Celebration!

Monday we celebrated Cody's 30th Birthday!  We grilled steaks, had cake and icecream, and took a trip down memory lane!  Everyone had a great time!

Cody and Clanc in his new rocking chair
Our birthday presents from Cody's Mom...arent they adorable!!!
Happy Birthday Cody!
Cody opening a card with a horse on it.  Clancy LOVES horses!
Cody telling old stories.
Watching old home movies
4H Talent Contest photo memory that Aunt Kay brought.  Luckily Susan found the video to go with it!!

My Pop's 66th Birthday!

Pop with some of the grandkids and great-grandkids.
Cute pic of Bubby with my bro.
Silly pic of Pop with all four boys.


Kylee on Smash.
Clancy and Landon playin bulls and cars.
Kylee ready for her run!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Clancy's First Haircut!

Saturday we went for Clancy's First Haircut!  We went to SnipIts!  It was so cute in there and they were SO friendly!!  They started off by each getting an Adventure Pass (yes, Kylee got hers cut too, because she saw a girl getting GLITTER!).

She was having fun....I dont know why she was looking like this?

The FIRST cut!
Kylee cashing in her Adventure Pass for a prize!
All done!
Helping brother cash in his pass!
First Haircut Certificate

Bento #23 - More Bunnies!

Ham and Mustard Bunnywich
w/ a Fruit Leather bunny on top
Pickle Kabobs with bunny picks in a bunny silicone cup
Cheese and Chocolate bunny crackers
and Orange slices
all packed in a Laptop Lunchbox!

Bento #22 - Easter's on its way!

This isnt a very good pic.  I still wasn't feeling that great when I made this Bento.  Here we have a Ham and Mustard Bunnywich, Babybel cheese with a bunny cutout, olive kabobs on bunny picks, apples with bunny cutouts, and cheese and chocolate bunny crackers....all in a Laptop Lunchbox.

Bento #21

Looks alot like "Mom's Bento" huh?  Well, we have all had the stomach bug, so this was Mom's Bento with an orange in place of the jello.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bentos are BACK!!! Bento #20 - Almost Butterfly Bento

Spring Break is over!  Bento's are Back!  This was supposed to be a Butterfly Bento.  We have been cooped up all weekend with a sick one-year old, so I didnt realize I was out of thick ham. Hopefully I can get to the store tomorrow after work if Bubby is better!
Ham Kabobs (was supposed to be Butterfly shaped ham but I was out of thick ham), Pickles, Cheese Butterflies, Butterfly crackers, and a granola bar.

Mom's First Bento!

Wondering what happens to all the scaps?
They are perfect and quick snacks for my one-year old!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

four years ago today.....

four years ago today, I married my best friend and soul mate. thank you Lord for this hardworking husband and father.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My New Camera!!!

No Bento's this week because it is Spring Break. :(  I do have some exciting news though....My DH bought me a NEW CAMERA!!!.....just like this one.......

I havent had much time to play with it yet.  Maybe I can post some of my "test" shots soon. 

and don't forget to visit 3 boogers blog for a St Pattys Day Giveaway!!!!

and be sure and wish sandy toes and popsicles Happy Birthday and enter her Giveaway!!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Another GIVEAWAY!!!

Here's another GIVEAWAY guys! I absolutely LoVe The Vintage Pearl!!!

Bento #19 - Western Day!

Today was Western Day at school. Kylee looks less than thrilled in this pic for multiple reasons:
1. I made her get up and get dressed before I left so that I could get a pic of her.
2. She has outgrown her hat so we stopped by TSC last night and picked one up. She insists that it is a "boy" hat. She did NOT want to wear it.
and 3. She did not want to take the stick horse, but I could just see her getting to school and everyone else having one and then she would want it! I told her to stick it in her cubby when she got there if she didn't want it ;).
I mean seriously, without the hat and horse, she would look exactly the same as she looks everyday for school!
For lunch she has:
Ham and Mustard Horsewich and Cowgirlwich
Cheese Hat on the Cowgirlwich
Fruit Rollup Rope
Grated Cheddar Hay
Olive and Tomato Kabob Barrels
and Oreo Sticks
with a Bandana napkin

Open House

Last night we went to Kylee's first Open House. We checked out her classroom and all the work that she has been doing. There was a Scavenger Hunt for us to do around the school, so we checked out the cafeteria, nurses office, L.I.T.E. Lab, etc. We learned that she sits in blue chairs in the cafeteria, the nurse's office has 3 beds, and we THINK she sits at computer #15 in the L.I.T.E. Lab. Oh, and we also learned that "Larry, Moe, and Curly" are NOT the names of the Librarians! Enjoy the pics I took of some of her work. I think you will be able to pick out my favorite! ;)