Friday, March 5, 2010

Clancy's 15 month Check Up

Bubby had his 15month checkup today. He has finally made it to 20lbs and can now turn around and face forward in his car seat!! Yay!! Dad has really been pushing this lately. He thinks he is missing out on SO much. I told him he can't miss what he doesn't know ;). He weighed 20lbs and 3oz and was 30in long. He is still under the 10 percent mark in weight but he is atleast growing. His height is still in between the 10th-25th percentile. She said he just had allergies/cold, no ear infection. He got 2 shots. He took the first one like a trooper, no crying. But the 2nd made him cry, but he was quickly laughing when the nurse gave him a new ball! I posted a pic of the cute new sticker they gave us with his measurements on it today! I wish they would have started this like 15 months ago ;)!

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