Thursday, September 30, 2010

1st Grade Bento's #19 & #20

Our City Wide Garage Sale is this Saturday, so I am spending my evenings preparing for that.  I meant to take a picture of my living room to show you how crazy it is.  I am really trying hard to be totally prepared and organized this time so I can sell all my stuff!  And on top of that I am trying not to get off track with my workout plan.  I am on Week 4 of The Couch to 5K Workout Program and I love it.  I really want to keep going and stay on track.  I DO ENJOY exercising, its just fitting it into the day that's hard.  SO, with all that said, that is why we have these plain jane bentos.  I had 2 pictures but Blogger kept flipping the other one upside down when I uploaded it.  They were both about the same, except I added some CheezIts today since she said she didn't have enough food yesterday.  These bentos were thrown together in like 2 minutes.  I guess I could have at least gotten my food color pen out and written "I Luv U" on the sandwich. :/

Ham and Mustard Sandwich, with Cheese this time
2 Oreos
Grape Tomatoes
and a couple of Clementines.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fire Prevention Poster

Strep has been running wild through our household.  I think I was hit the longest, but the hubs was hit the hardest.  He was finally feeling a little better last night, so he helped Freddi with her Fire Prevention Poster.  I was so proud of the idea she came up with.  And she is quite the artist!

1st Grade Bento #18 - A little early Halloween!

With all this Halloween preperation we have already started, we decided to go ahead and do a little early Halloween bento.  I plan on LOTS of Halloween bentos throughout the month of October!
Mini Crackers
Witch Hat Cheeses
Ham Bats
Grape Tomatoes
a Jack O Latern Orange
and a Jack O Lantern Cookie

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and of course, here is a fun pic for you all:
I think he is making that face to try and hold the sunglasses up. ;)

Monday, September 27, 2010

1st Grade Bento #17 - Nacho Bento

Kylee has been asking for nachos in her lunch.  Not a very healthy lunch, but you gotta have fun sometimes!  I am having the hardest time finding bento boxes in my stash that I am happy with each time.  I like them all, but I am just not finding the right combination each time.  Like last night.  NOTHING was working.  So I finally used this plain jane tupperware box with some bowls with lids for the dips.  Its just so CLEAR.  Blah.  Oh well.  Im sure she enjoyed it!
Tortilla Chips
Nacho Cheese
Picante Sauce
Tomatoe Kabobs
an Orange
and 2 Peanut Butter Oreos.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

1st Grade Bento #16 - Just Ducky!

Kylee wanted PB&J today, so she has:
A PB&J Sandwich with a Ducky in the middle
Wheat Thins
Cheese Duckies with Sprinkle eyes
Marshmallows with Star Sprinkles
and an Orange.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How we spend our evenings...

He wants to ride!!
Kickin up dust!
Helping push the barrels out for his Sissy.
He finally got his turn.

Aren't they adorable?!

1st Grade Bento #15 - Fluffernutter!

I asked Kylee what she would like in her bento last night and of course she just said, "the regular," which means a ham sandwich.  I was trying to come up with some different ideas for her and she said, "How about that sandwich that you made the other day?"  We finally figured out she was talking about a Fluffernutter!  So why not!

A Fluffernutter Sandwich
Cheese Hearts
Fruit Rollups Simply Fruit
Grapes, Orange Segments, and Strawberry Pieces
all packed in a Lock and Lock box.

Muffin Tin Monday - Shapes

This one was a stretch because we were already having some very unhealthy chili dogs for dinner last night.  So, its sort of a build your own chili dog with a Shape theme thrown in for Muffin Tin Monday. :)

Circle hot dog pieces
Rectangle Bread
Sphere Peas
Cheese Shreads
Cylinder Marshmallows
and Crescent Orange segments
with Triangle, Rectangle, Circle and Square Cheese Shapes on top (made by the hubs).

Monday, September 20, 2010

1st Grade Bento #14 and some new boxes!

Kylee wanted another pizza bento.  
Pizza Sauce, Pepperonis, Mozzarella Cheese, Pineapple, Cookies, and Sandwich Round slices for crust.
My Mom picked up these new boxes for me at the Disney Store this weekend!
Here they are open.  I already had food in the Pooh one.

And I also want to tell you how excited I was last night when Kylee told me that when she has kids, she is going to pack them bentos also!  She said, "well only the girls. " Then she asked me if I was going to pack Clancy bentos when he went to real school.  I said probably some "boy" bentos.  She said, "yeh, thats what Im gonna do too!"  I love that girl!

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Playday time!

Saturday Kylee had a playday.  Cody was gone to a leadership meeting so I had it all to myself.  It was a long hot day and I had my camera, but I was just too tired and busy chasing Clanc that I just didn't get many pics.  I did video Kylee's first three events, but I haven't gotten them uploaded yet.  I will post them if I can figure out how.  Cody showed up and relieved me around 5, so I took my 2-year-old-without-a-nap home!  She did excellent in all her events!  And of course they both just had fun being with friends and family and outside all day!


Me and Manders took the kids to the Homecoming game Friday night.  Kylee's mum lasted about 5 minutes.  It was heavy and it itched.  Luckily she had one in her hair anyways.  Maybe thats all we will do for next year. Lol.  I picked up Clancy's new little Hornet shirt when we got into town and it looked so cute.  Kylee loved watching the cheerleaders.  Clancy loved the bands feathery hats.  We left at half time.  CB was a handful!  but we WON!

He makes the silliest faces!
Hunting grasshoppers!
Now in full costume!

Friday, September 17, 2010

1st Grade Bento #13 - Homecoming!

The Homecoming game is tonite, and I had big plans to make a wonderful themed bento, but when I finally got to the bento making at 9:45pm last night, it just didn't work out.  I crammed way too much into my Thursday evening thats for sure!
We have a Ham and Mustard Footballwich (I didn't have a good color for the laces :()
Cheese Mums (we wear Mums for Homecoming here in Texas!)
A Oreo Fluffer Cupcake made by this recipe from Picky Palate
and a couple of Oranges.

The kiddos this morning posing in their gamewear.  Clancy will have a Hornet tshirt tonite too!

Kylee's mum in her hair.  They can't wear their mums to school, so my Mom made her a Mum Bow for her hair.  Hopefully she gets to wear it all day.

And the Cheeser!

Check back this weekend for pics of our night at the football game with Kylee's mum!   Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1st Grade Bento #12

Not a very inspired bento:
Ham and Mustard Puzzlewiches
Cheese Bears
Mini Club Crackers
and a Vanilla Oreo Stick

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Family Handprint Tree

For my Mema's Birthday and Grandparents Day this Sunday I tried to organize a special surprise.  Things of course did not go as planned.  So we didn't get to do it while she was away.  My Uncle Tommy painted a big tree in her playroom and then we all put our handprints on as leaves.  We are still missing about half of the handprints and then a few more finishing touches, like outlining and adding a heart with my grandparents initials in the trunk of the tree.  I will be sure and post an updated pic as soon as all that is done. 
Kylee doing her handprint.
Clancy and Cody doing his handprint.
He did NOT like the paint on his hand.
My proud Mema taking pics of each person applying their handprint.
The "almost" finished project.
And a shot of the mural he painted years ago on the other wall.

Texas Farm Bureau 2010 Young Farmer and Rancher Fall Tour

We had a wonderful time in Corpus Christi this weekend.  This is our second Fall Tour to be a part of.  Farm Bureau is a great organization to be involved in.  We get to meet so many other young farmers and ranchers from around the state each time we get together.  This year, we went to Corpus and got to visit the Port of Corpus Christi, the USS Lexington, the Texas State Aquarium and the King Ranch.  It was amazing.  It was alot to fit into two days, so we were exhausted when we got home.  We were on the tour bus through most of the King Ranch so I didn't get alot of pics.  And it was dark when we went to the Beach Party Dinner, so no pics from there either :(.
The view from our room at the Omni
Cody and Bryce walking the plank
The Sea Horses were so beautiful.
Touching the Sting Rays.
Part of our Coryell County group.
More of Coryell County.
The Hubs
The King Ranch
Cotton modules.  Amazing site.

Open House at Bubby's School

Last week we went to Open House at Bubby's school.  We got to hear from the Director about some new things happening and then we got to go to his room and talk with his teachers.  He loved showing off his artwork.  It was so sweet!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - Movie Theme

This movie theme just didn't work for me.  I started out strong, but then Bubby started screaming for food.  I was going for "foods/snacks we eat while watching movies," and then I was going to add some "cuteness" to it, but I ran out of time (according to CB)!

Pizza rolls and Pizza dipping sauce
Pickles and Popcorn
Cookies and Gummy Candy

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I did it!!!

I've been meaning to post these for a while.  My wonderful Mommy whipped these up over night for Kylee right before school started.  She LOVES them!  My wonderful Mommy also got me a sewing machine (at my request) a couple of years ago that I had never even attempted to learn to use until a couple of nights ago.  With all the organizing we have been doing around the house, I finally got it all set up where it is usable. 
I begged the Hubs to get me started and low and behold, look what I did!!!
Kylee was so excited, she said I had to make her one with Bible verses on it.  Hopefully I can find some material like that.

And I'll leave you with an updated back eye pic of Bubby.  This was Day 8.

We are off to Corpus Christi tomorrow for the weekend.  See you soon!