Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Family Handprint Tree

For my Mema's Birthday and Grandparents Day this Sunday I tried to organize a special surprise.  Things of course did not go as planned.  So we didn't get to do it while she was away.  My Uncle Tommy painted a big tree in her playroom and then we all put our handprints on as leaves.  We are still missing about half of the handprints and then a few more finishing touches, like outlining and adding a heart with my grandparents initials in the trunk of the tree.  I will be sure and post an updated pic as soon as all that is done. 
Kylee doing her handprint.
Clancy and Cody doing his handprint.
He did NOT like the paint on his hand.
My proud Mema taking pics of each person applying their handprint.
The "almost" finished project.
And a shot of the mural he painted years ago on the other wall.

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