Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Texas Farm Bureau 2010 Young Farmer and Rancher Fall Tour

We had a wonderful time in Corpus Christi this weekend.  This is our second Fall Tour to be a part of.  Farm Bureau is a great organization to be involved in.  We get to meet so many other young farmers and ranchers from around the state each time we get together.  This year, we went to Corpus and got to visit the Port of Corpus Christi, the USS Lexington, the Texas State Aquarium and the King Ranch.  It was amazing.  It was alot to fit into two days, so we were exhausted when we got home.  We were on the tour bus through most of the King Ranch so I didn't get alot of pics.  And it was dark when we went to the Beach Party Dinner, so no pics from there either :(.
The view from our room at the Omni
Cody and Bryce walking the plank
The Sea Horses were so beautiful.
Touching the Sting Rays.
Part of our Coryell County group.
More of Coryell County.
The Hubs
The King Ranch
Cotton modules.  Amazing site.


The Deason's said...

i have never been to the state aquariam...i want to go!

Wolff06 said...

The TX State Aquarium is awesome. We went a couple of years ago and hopefully we will take Bailey next summer.