Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1st Grade Bento #60 - More Bday Party Leftovers :/

PB&J Hot Dog (bun leftover from party)
Cake Pop and a Smore Pop (I told her to share one) (leftover from party)
Strawberries (a bday gift)
and Cheetos leftover from the party

Kylee's 7th Birthday Pow Wow

We celebrated Kylee's 7th Birthday this weekend with an Indian themed horse riding party.  The party was amazing. 

Here is the invitation I created.  This picture was actually taken a year ago Halloween.  But she hasnt changed much!

My little indian birthday girl:

The cake and Buffalo Patty Cupcakes (lol), also the only glimpse of the book we used for guests to sign in:

The birthday banner I made on my Cricut:

The party favors were dreamcatchers that I found at Dollar Tree:

The set up:

The bucket of 100 cake pops and 50 smore pops:

Close up of the Cake Pops and Smore Pops:

The birthday girl posing:

There were too buckets of rocks, one with animals names on them, and one with adjectives, etc, on them.  The kids drew one rock out of each bucket to form their "Indian Name" for the party.  It was very funny.

A close up of a couple fo the Indian Names.  My niece wore hers on her hiney since that is what was most visible, lol.

The birthday girl on her horse:

A bunch of Wild Indians on horses:

The cowboy holding up the Indians!

As many kids as we could get to stay still for a pic:

Blowing out the candle:

She made this face after each gift she opened.  She got 3 "debit cards," as she calls them, lol.  She is so precious:

And one more shot of my Indian Girl:

Her party was amazing.  I think all the kids and adults had a great time.  There were so many that helped out, I am so appreciative.  So thank each and everyone of you all!!

Kylee's 7th BirthDAY

Here is my SEVEN year old:
Her BirthDAY was so much fun! It started with pink chocolate chip pancakes, homemade whip cream, and a birthday button (and a few gifts of course):
Then pizza for lunch at school with me, Dad, Bubby, and her cousin Dill Pickle:
Then I took cupcakes to her class at 2:15:

After that we went to Bealls (the only place in our town to shop for shorts besides WalMart) and she ended up with new tennis shoes and 2 new shirts. Then we drove thru McDonalds for ice cream cones. The day ended with more pizza, a visit and gift from Mema and Pop, and more cupcakes!!

Valentine's 2011

Ugh!  It took me forever to get this post together.  Does anyone else have a terrible time trying to arrange photos in blogger?  I have to switch back and forth between the old and new editor.  UGH!  Anyways.  First up is the Valentine I made to hand out to family and friends.  I found this idea all over the web so I dont have just one link to give credit to.  I decided to make Valentine's Cake Pops to put in mine.  It took forever to get the shot of the kids.  Kylee was fine, but Clancy did not want to cooperate.  I wanted to get pics of them seperately also, to give to their teachers, but there was NO way that was happening with Clancy, so we just stuck with this one.
For Kylee's class we made iPod Valentines.  I found my inspiration here and here.  They turned out adorable!

This photo is totally throwing off the order of this post, but I am SO tired of messing with it.  These were what the kids and hubby woke up to on Valentine's Day.  Most of the kids things came from the Dollar Spot at Target.
A close up of the iPod.
Here are Clancy's Valentines for his class.  I found the idea here and ordered the shovels off of ebay.

I hate that I cant find the link that I found this cute Date Idea book at.  As soon as I locate it, I will post it.  I just printed it on red cardstock and put it on a ring and tied on a few ribbons.  I stuck it in the hubs Valentine.
CB at his VDay party...
Freddi with her teacher at her VDay party...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1st Grade Bento #59 - Birthday Party Leftovers

I have so much to blog about and so little time. I still need to post my Vday crafts! And then we had all kinds of fun for Kylee's 7th Birthday. I will post soon! For now, you get another bento!
I was out of bread this morning, but had plenty of leftover hot dog buns (not sure how that happened since I bought the same amount of weiners and buns and all the weiners were gone, lol). SO...we have a PB&J Hot Dog
Cheese cubes
Strawberries (she received from her Granny for her birthday)
Leftover veggies from dinner last night that were "the best veggies ever" even though she has had them 100 times before this
and a Smore Pop leftover from her birthday party also.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

1st Grade Bento #58

Orange Slices
Reese's Heart
PB&J Pocket
and Pizza Goldfish

Thursday, February 17, 2011

1st Grade Bento #57 - Happy Valentine's Day!

PB&J Heartwich
Cojack Cheese Hearts
Vday Cake Pop
Pizza Goldfish
and an apple.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1st Grade Bento #56 and My TV

A high school friend of mine works at the local news station and showed them my bentos.  They interviewed me this morning for their "MomsEveryday" segment.  It was like less than a 2 minute interview and I remember nothing about it.  It was crazy scary.  She took this pic for me, which is great, since that is all I want anyone seeing, lol.
and todays orange? Valentine bento... 
A PB&J pocket
with XOXO cojack cheese
Strawberry Heart Marshmallows
Pizza Goldfish
an Orange with a Heart imprint
a few carrots

Thursday, February 3, 2011

1st Grade Bento #55 - More Hearts

Ham and Cheese on a Whole Wheat Sandwich Round
Heart container with a few Gummy Bears
Strawberry Hear Marshmallows
Pizza Goldfish
and Strawberry Hearts

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our Weekend Fun

This past weekend we were out at our place fixing the water trough.  Clancy had fun helping Dad, and I had fun snapping shots.  Enjoy.