Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kylee's 7th Birthday Pow Wow

We celebrated Kylee's 7th Birthday this weekend with an Indian themed horse riding party.  The party was amazing. 

Here is the invitation I created.  This picture was actually taken a year ago Halloween.  But she hasnt changed much!

My little indian birthday girl:

The cake and Buffalo Patty Cupcakes (lol), also the only glimpse of the book we used for guests to sign in:

The birthday banner I made on my Cricut:

The party favors were dreamcatchers that I found at Dollar Tree:

The set up:

The bucket of 100 cake pops and 50 smore pops:

Close up of the Cake Pops and Smore Pops:

The birthday girl posing:

There were too buckets of rocks, one with animals names on them, and one with adjectives, etc, on them.  The kids drew one rock out of each bucket to form their "Indian Name" for the party.  It was very funny.

A close up of a couple fo the Indian Names.  My niece wore hers on her hiney since that is what was most visible, lol.

The birthday girl on her horse:

A bunch of Wild Indians on horses:

The cowboy holding up the Indians!

As many kids as we could get to stay still for a pic:

Blowing out the candle:

She made this face after each gift she opened.  She got 3 "debit cards," as she calls them, lol.  She is so precious:

And one more shot of my Indian Girl:

Her party was amazing.  I think all the kids and adults had a great time.  There were so many that helped out, I am so appreciative.  So thank each and everyone of you all!!

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