Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's 2011

Ugh!  It took me forever to get this post together.  Does anyone else have a terrible time trying to arrange photos in blogger?  I have to switch back and forth between the old and new editor.  UGH!  Anyways.  First up is the Valentine I made to hand out to family and friends.  I found this idea all over the web so I dont have just one link to give credit to.  I decided to make Valentine's Cake Pops to put in mine.  It took forever to get the shot of the kids.  Kylee was fine, but Clancy did not want to cooperate.  I wanted to get pics of them seperately also, to give to their teachers, but there was NO way that was happening with Clancy, so we just stuck with this one.
For Kylee's class we made iPod Valentines.  I found my inspiration here and here.  They turned out adorable!

This photo is totally throwing off the order of this post, but I am SO tired of messing with it.  These were what the kids and hubby woke up to on Valentine's Day.  Most of the kids things came from the Dollar Spot at Target.
A close up of the iPod.
Here are Clancy's Valentines for his class.  I found the idea here and ordered the shovels off of ebay.

I hate that I cant find the link that I found this cute Date Idea book at.  As soon as I locate it, I will post it.  I just printed it on red cardstock and put it on a ring and tied on a few ribbons.  I stuck it in the hubs Valentine.
CB at his VDay party...
Freddi with her teacher at her VDay party...

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