Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1st Grade Bento #56 and My TV Debut....lol

A high school friend of mine works at the local news station and showed them my bentos.  They interviewed me this morning for their "MomsEveryday" segment.  It was like less than a 2 minute interview and I remember nothing about it.  It was crazy scary.  She took this pic for me, which is great, since that is all I want anyone seeing, lol.
and todays orange? Valentine bento... 
A PB&J pocket
with XOXO cojack cheese
Strawberry Heart Marshmallows
Pizza Goldfish
an Orange with a Heart imprint
a few carrots


Amy said...

Love the little detail on the orange. I could do that too...so many oranges here in Florida;) And WOW...you are famous!!!

Missy said...

Love the heart shaped marshmallows! We still have some left over from Christmas that we're trying to use up - I won't buy any more till those are gone! :)

Bar 7 Ranch said...

Lol. Thanks yall!

Angeleyes said...

Woooo hoooo! You are going to be famous!!
BTW, why not a shot from the other angle?? *wink*

Great orangey bento!