Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kylee's First Fair

Kylee is in Clover Kids this year. Clover Kids is for the younger kids, before they are eligible to compete in 4H. They get to show a goat or rabbit and can do up to 3 Home Economic entries. Kylee did the 3 Home Economic entries and showed a goat in this years Coryell County Youth Fair. Santa brought her Baby Makaylie's goat to take care of and show in the fair. She named her Snowflake. Snowflake had to go back to Baby Makaylies house after the fair and Kylee misses her. Kylee did a great job with all her projects! She took care of her goat everyday in the freezing cold. The pillow is going to look great in her "While You Were Out" Birthday Bedroom Makeover! (Sssshhhhh!!! its a SURPRISE!!) And she tooks lots of good photos! It was hard to pick which one to use! And we are all still enjoying the big batch of Doughnut Muffins she made!

Purple and Zebra Fleece Tie Pilliow
Old Tractor Photo

Doughnut Muffins

Waiting to go into the Show Ring. Looks like Jenna is giving her some last minute pointers!

Showing like a pro!

Her trophy!

Bubby thinks sisters muffins deserve a Blue Ribbon!!

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