Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Huggies Jean Diapers (and a popsicle!)

Well, I gave Huggies another shot.  I love the look of the New Huggies Jean Diapers!!  Not that many people besides us at home usually ever see my Lil Man's diaper, but hey, they're cute!  I am a major Pampers girl.  I used them with Freddi as a baby and it is all I have used for Bubby.  But, I decided I'd try them out.  (And by 'try them out', I did my usual stock up option and bought 2 cases ;) Cody hates it when I do that.)  Anyways.  He has been wearing them for a couple of weeks now.  They aren't bad and Bubby hasn't minded them, but I think I'll stick with Pampers.  Even Cody commented on how much softer our Pampers are.  But arent they just adorable?!?!!

Also...check out Whats For Lunch Wednesday this week!!


The Deason's said...

cute cute cute!

Bar 7 Ranch said...

Thanks!!! Looks like yall are having tons of fun at VBS!!!