Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Playdate Bentos

We had a playdate with my BFF and her daughter this weekend.  The kiddos played in the house for a while, and then we took them for a swim!  I packed bentos for Bubby and I. 
Bubby had Ham Rollups, Peanut Butter Crackers, Diced Apples, and Cheese packed in the Sassy Box.
I had a Bologna Sandwich, Yogurt, Cheese, Grapes and Tomatoes.


Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

Looks tasty!! What a fun way to spend the day :D

care-in said...

These are our kinds of lunches!!

Shannon said...

Those are great! Perfect swim snacks too! :o)

Thanks for linking up this week. :o)