Monday, November 8, 2010

1st Grade Bento #31 - Back on Track?

Its hard for me to admit, but I fell off the wagon.  For the last few weeks, not only in packing lunches, but in everything.  I've been so caught up in planning birthdays and showers and taking 2 year pictures, that I just fell off.  I bought this awesome new journal after attending my first Women of Joy Conference last month.  Its by Becky Tirabassi and it rocks.  I started off journaling without it as soon as I got back home from the conference.  Then it came in the mail, and I fell off the wagon and hadn't made a mark in it until last night.  Secondly, I started attending a Women's Bible Study on Esther last month (which I missed the first monthly meeting because of an illness) and I didn't do a single day of my studies at home.  I felt horrible when I went to our monthly gathering last night with pages of emptyness.  How in the world was I too busy to study God's Word?  I even left my Sunday School lesson unplanned until Sunday morning.  This is all very hard for me to admit, but maybe if its out in the open, you all can keep me accountable.  I felt recharged last night after "coming clean" to the ladies in my group.  I got out my journal and got back on the wagon.  We (my family) decided to give up television this week as we have a Revival coming up this weekend.  We are hoping to spend our down time doing much more important things like praying and playing with our kiddos.  It's pretty easy to give up tv in the evening, but I like to watch the local news in the mornings, so let me know if I miss anything!  SO, I guess what Im saying is, I NEED PRAYER.  I get so caught up in things like birthday planning, picture taking, and lunch making, that I put God on the "To-Do List."  (That sounds even worse when its all typed out, but its the truth.)  So, add me to your prayer list if you don't mind, and feel free to check up on me!  ;)

A simple bento of a Ham and Cheese Sandwich, a leftover Cake Pop from the baby shower, a mini Blueberry Muffin, a Carrot sliver, and some Strawberries.


Kelly Polizzi said...

I'll be praying cause I know just how easy it is for things to get away from you and before you know it, you find yourself too busy to spend any time with God. You've realized it and thats the most important thing!

Pretty cake pop!

Bar 7 Ranch said...

Thank you Kelly.

The Deason's said...

first off the bible study on the book of Esther is awesome!! Thats the last one we did. I really enjoyed it, though I missed some days because of work. Second....I know what you mean. I have my priorities WAY out of wack sometimes...prayiing for you and me. :)