Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bento #2

Kylee loved her first Bento. Here only complaint was that her sandwich was not big enough. I tried to explain to her that it had the same contents of a regular sandwich. So last night she decided we needed to make a big sandwich. She wanted it heart shaped so we cut out 2 small hearts. She didnt understand that her sandwich today would actually be smaller. I am trying to get her to rediscover yogurt. She used to like it alot but for some reason says she doesnt anymore. I told her she had to atleast try it. I am still trying to make my first Bentos without a trip to the grocery store. So we made Teddy Graham-wiches using the leftover frosting from last weeks cupcakes;)
Bento #2 Menu:
Ham and Mayo Heartwiches
Cheese, Olive and Pepperoni Kabobs
Vanilla Yogurt with Peaches
Teddy Grahamwiches

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