Monday, March 16, 2009

What a weekend...

Well. Friday night was my jewelry party. There were around 20 ladies who came and helped me celebrate my bday with a fun girls night! Clancy was not so happy with all those women in his house :) But I think we all had fun. Saturday me, the kids and my mom went summer clothes shopping. And, we got a Wii!!! Kylee and I had tons of fun trying it out that night and I woke up really sore this morning:). Hopefully we will get our Wii Fit soon. Sunday was the killer. We got up extra early to go check the steers and cows in Tville before church so we could make it to the circus right after church. Well we got there and had some bad luck. We lost a cow that had a 3 week old calf. So the good news is that Kylee LOVES having bottle calves. So we had to go back home to get the dart gun and get the calf and bring it to the house. So we missed church. Kylee was NOT happy about that. We got the calf dropped off just in time to make it to the circus. We got there an hour early to get good seats and Kylee could barely take the wait. She was SO excited. She loved it. We couldnt get her to ride the elephant. Clancy....well, I wont get into Clancy and the circus. After the circus we had to come home and pick up the pens from one place and take them out to another. So we finally got home around 8, just in time to eat and get to bed. I think I like the weekdays better. I get more rest then. Have a great week and a great St Patricks Day! Ill keep you posted on whether or not my hubby remembers our anniversary :)

Kylee in front of the elephant

Us at the circus!

Cotton Candy!

Kylee's new bottle calf "Sour Straws"

Clancy and Bailey Wolff (1 day apart in age, but about 3lbs apart :) )

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