Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patty's Day!

Sadly the St Pattys Day bento never made it :(.  The kids are with their Gran today doing lots of fun stuff that did not call for a bento.  Plus last night was pizza and a movie night and Im not usually very motivated on Wednesday nights, lol.  So....I bring you a St Pattys Day pic.  I wanted to wake the kids up early so I could get a pic of them with me in all our green, but that did not happen.  So this is a photo shot from the hubs camera phone.  Enjoy!

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The Deason's said...

you do still blog!? cute pic. at least you get to pick what you want to wear and can wear green. you aren't forced into "steel grey" scrubs everytime you work. But, I do have my lucky green shammrock socks on with my steel grey scrubs..rebel I know :)