Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cowboy Smores!

 This past weekend, we were blessed with two extra sweet little girls for a day.  My grandparents had two little boys also, so we had a weenie roast!  I had seen this awesome recipe over at Funky Vintage Kitchen for Uncle Richie's Cowboy Smores so this was the perfect time to try them out!  They were SO good!  Of course the kids were much more interested in actually roasting marshmallows, but that left more for the adults to eat! :)  The next morning I had to get those three little girls up extra early for our garage sale!  My neices brought handmade hair bows to sale for a fundraiser for their upcoming mission trip next summer!  They were the cutest little sales"kids" you had ever seen!


The Deason's said...

oooh. i saw those on that blog and wanted to try they were good!? yum!

{april kennedy} said...

Awww...I am so glad you loved them! Thanks for sharing. We haven't given up roasting marshmallows fact that has me thinking, what would toasted marshmallows taste like inside Cowboy Smores?!

Sounds like Uncle Richie's Cowboy S'mores are on their way to becoming famous for reals!!

Mommyof2girlz said...

Those cowboy smores look so awesome and how cute are the girls out there selling their bows, so sweet!

Bar 7 Ranch said...

Sounds good too April!

Thanks Stephanie!