Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Out of Control!!!

Clancy enjoying the playday!
Oh, they 'Look' so sweet!

Our picnic!
Dont drop your brother!!!
Jolly Rancher in mouth

Kylee with all her flowers

The Whole Crew
Kylee's Thirty-One Cinch Sac

Well guys....let me start by saying....I feel like LIFE has gotten just plain CRAZY lately!! Thank goodness dance and gymnastics are over for a while and tball is over next week! I don't know how you people with more than one child involved in different activities stay sane?!?! Its part my fault too. I am the one who decided to venture out into the direct sales business, BUT I LOVE IT! So far it has been very successful for me! It has given me the opportunity to meet new people and Im determined that it will help my 'shyness'.
So...on to this weekend: Saturday we had a hectic morning trying to get ready to leave the house in search of a birthday party, playday and baby shower. We skipped the birthday party, but sent a present. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEYANA!! We got to the playday in plenty of time to melt in the heat all day. My scalp got the worst of it! Kylee did great! She decided that she may have to try loping more often!! "It was pretty fun, Momma!" Clancer played under the canopy in his Horse Jumperoo and on his quilt. We got done just in time to show up 15 minutes late to the baby shower. GOOD LUCK BEV AND BRAD!! Didnt have time to shower or change before it, so good thing it was a BBQ. Saw a few old high school friends there...GREAT TO SEE YOU TIFFANY, MEL, AND DEE!! Clancy got restless during the gifts, so we headed out as soon as it was over. He and I went on home and he finally settled down after a nice bath. Sunday was another crazy day. Kylee and Jo showed up to church as twinkies, by accident. After church, Gran and Jo and Jacy met us out at Tville for a picnic lunch. The steers had stomped down a nice spot under the tree for us. We left just in time to get home and get changed to head out for Kylee's dance recital in Belton. We got her all dolled up! She looked just beautiful! The recital was LONG and hot. Both of her dances were at the end. She did awesome though. Its a beautiful thing to see your 5 year old little girl up there on that big stage in front of all those people. She got 4 bouquets of flowers and candy afterwards and we took lots of pictures. She had to go home and spend the night with Granny afterwards. Clancy was worn out again. We just tortured him all weekend. We got him home and settled down though. Now on to Monday. Clancy had his 6 month check up....YES, I said 6 MONTHS!! Can you believe it?!? The Dr said everything looked good! He was 14lbs 12oz and 26in. He remained in the 10th percentile in weight and the 25th in height and head circumference. She gave the ok to move on to "Stage 2" baby food and bitter biscuits! She even said tastes table food WOULD NOT kill him! The nurse tortured him with his shots, and Sissy DID NOT like that! Then we went to the spray park. Clancy slept thru the first hour. Kylee ran around that thing for 2 WHOLE hours! We got home just in time to get to Kylees 1st tball game of 3 this week. If I survive the remaining 2 tball games and the Shivaree, it will be a miracle!!

Hope you all have a great week. Be sure to stop by my booth at the Shivaree AND check out the new teen line that arrived June 1st at www.mythirtyone.com/ErikaA.

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