Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Pictures!!!

Hey guys. We are doing great. Cody had to go back to work yesterday and he didn't seem very excited. I was gonna text him picture updates all day but he forgot his cel :(. Neways. Clancy is doing great. Getting bigger. I found a way to trick him to sleep longer last night, so we got a little more rest. Kylee has been sleep walking every night since we got home. She tried to stay the night at Mema's last night but ended up coming back home at 11pm. She doesn't like to leave Mommy these days. She is a big help! I don't know what I would do without her. Enjoy the pics!!!


Michelle said...

He's just beautiful Erika! I am so happy for ya'll. Congratulations!!

Audrey said...

Hey Cody and Erika, Congratulations! He is just precious. I can't wait to see him in person.
Aunt Aud

Kathy said...

He is absolutely Precious! I am so proud of all of you! Kylee is going to make such a wonderful Big Sister!!! Just as you and Cody are wonderful parents!
Thanks for making being a "Momma Kitty" so special! I love you guys!

Terri said...


OMG I can't get over how handsome Clancy is. He looks so grown up!! I can't wait to see him in person. Congrats again to you, Cody and Kylee!!!