Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Playday #2

We had another playday this last weekend.  It was like 95 degrees, but the wind was also blowing like 95mph!  It was a lot of fun though.  The kids love being there all day playing with all their friends and riding their horses.  CBob did great in his events, then he got too hot and threw up, all over his clothes.  And of course, the #1 mom that I am, didn't have an extra set, hence the nakey pic at the bottom.  He ran around from 1pm til we left at 730 with only a diaper on.  Well, plus ALOT of dirt.  We had to spray him with sunscreen every 30 minutes, so he really was a "dirt magnet."  Kylee did great.  I didnt get many pics because I forgot to charge my camera battery, so I was trying to preserve as much as I could to get pics of Kylee since I wasnt there for her first one.  I videoed CBob's so the one pic I have of him, I stole from Holly again ;). Thanks!


The Deason's said...

No pic of Cody "swinging" Clancy across the flag line!? :) I bet that tub was DIRTY after bath time!

Bar 7 Ranch said...

Well, although I really liked those action shots, I thought I better not post them for the world to see. I figure someone might turn us in for child abuse! LOL!! And YES! I had JUST scrubbed my tub Friday night and after their bath Sat night, there was a ring around the tub!!