Wednesday, February 13, 2013

If anyone is still following...

I so love my blog but like Sweet Brown said "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!"  Sorry, I had to do it.  Anyways.  I am currently managing 4 different Shutterfly Share sites plus 3 Facebook pages, plus you know, a full time job and mommy to 2 wonderful kids and wife to an awesome husband and so on and so forth.  So, if you are still interested in our lives, you can always check in on us on our FB pages Bar 7 Ranch and Valet Cleaners & Laundry. Oh yeah, did I mention we bought a new business?  Happy Wednesday Peeps!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Prayer Request...

Please check out this blog and be in prayer for Jonathan and his family.  Thank you.

Friday, September 2, 2011

2nd Grade Bento #9

Fluffernutter Sandwich
Carrot Sticks
Cojack Cheese Cubes
Pizza Goldfish
and a Banana

2nd Grade Bento #8

Ham and Cheese Crescent Roll Ups
Carrot Sticks w/Light Ranch
Pizza Goldfish
and Strawberries

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2nd Grade Bento #7

Pizza Rolls
Pizza Sauce
and Cherries

I found the lunchbox notes at the Dollar General for $1 for like 12.  They are called Sweet Tweets and all come with one piece of a "Spree" type candy piece.  It has room to write your own message.

2nd Grade Bento #6

Pizza Rolls
and Pizza Sauce
all stuffed in a 2 tiered Pooh container

Friday, August 26, 2011

2nd Grade Bento #5

Hard Salami and Cojack Cheese Kabobs

Sugar Free Jello with Sprinkles


Carrot Sticks

and Pretzel Rods

packed in the Laptop Lunchbox

Thursday, August 25, 2011

2nd Grade Bento #4

Hard Salami & Cojack Cheese Kabobs

Carrot Sticks

Grape Kabobs

Mini Oreo Apples

Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding with Sprinkles

and Pizza GoldFish

in a dinosaur container :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2nd Grade Bento #3

Turkey and Cheese Bagel Thin


Broccoli with Light Ranch

Pizza Goldfish

and Mini Oreo Apples

2nd Grade Bento #2

Ham and Cheese Bagel Thin
Pizza Goldfish
Grape Kabobs
Carrot Sticks
and Mini Oreo Apples

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2nd Grade Bento #1 - Back To School!

Ive been MIA all summer. I am trying to jump back on the blogging wagon ;).

Ham and Cheese Bagel Thin, Pluot, Brocolli, Carrot Sticks, Ranch, Mini Oreo Apples, and Pizza Goldfish.

Meet the Teacher Gift (idea found here)

First Day of School Teacher Gift

Friday, May 6, 2011

1st Grade Bento #73 - A.C.E.S. Day Sack Lunch Bento

Today is A.C.E.S. (All Children Exercise Simulateously) Day at school so I had to send a "sack" lunch with Kylee.  I saw this idea of using a strawberry container over at Whats For Lunch at Our House a while back.
String Cheese
PB Sandwich
Blueberry NutriGrain Bar
Sea Salt Pita Chips
and Carrots
all packed in a Strawberry Container.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

1st Grade Bento #72 - National Day of Prayer and Cinco De Mayo

I really wanted to make a cute Cinco De Mayo bento today.  But then I ran out of time so I threw together a regular lunch and a lightbulb went off to add a cheese cross!  So now I call it a National Day of Prayer Bento!!
Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Cojack Cheese Cross
Happy Hippo Cookie

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1st Grade Bento #71

Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Pizza Goldfish
and a couple of Cinamon Sugar Pita Chips

1st Grade Bento #70

Strawberries and Carrots
Panda Cookies
Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Sea Salt Pita Chips
and a String Cheese

Thursday, April 21, 2011

1st Grade Bento #69 and Easter at School!

Bunny Ear Apple Slices
Pizza Goldfish
PB&J Pocket
Bunny Cheese
and a couple of egg shaped chocolates

Today is Easter at school since they are out tomorrow for Good Friday.  Kylee and I made some quick cupcakes last night with little Peep Chicks on them for her class party.

CBob didn't want to smile for a pic this morning.  He was ready to get to school for some egg hunting!  I sent Easter shaped cojack cheese for his party.
Kylee was all (toothless) smiles today since she got a visit from the tooth fairy last night.  (Second visit this week!!)  She dressed in her Easter dress today since her grade is going to the nursing home to sing Easter songs and deliver cards.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1st Grade Bento #68

Maybe....JUST maybe, Ill make a more creative Easter bento for tomorrow since its the last day of school before Easter!

Apple Slices

Pirates Booty

PB&J Sandwich

Cheese Bunny Heads

and some Bunny Marshmallows.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1st Grade Bento #67

Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Cojack Bunny Heads

Happy Hippo Cookie

Pizza Goldfish


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TBall Time!

Spring Playday #2

We had another playday this last weekend.  It was like 95 degrees, but the wind was also blowing like 95mph!  It was a lot of fun though.  The kids love being there all day playing with all their friends and riding their horses.  CBob did great in his events, then he got too hot and threw up, all over his clothes.  And of course, the #1 mom that I am, didn't have an extra set, hence the nakey pic at the bottom.  He ran around from 1pm til we left at 730 with only a diaper on.  Well, plus ALOT of dirt.  We had to spray him with sunscreen every 30 minutes, so he really was a "dirt magnet."  Kylee did great.  I didnt get many pics because I forgot to charge my camera battery, so I was trying to preserve as much as I could to get pics of Kylee since I wasnt there for her first one.  I videoed CBob's so the one pic I have of him, I stole from Holly again ;). Thanks!

Loaded up and truckin!

A few weekends ago, CBob was playing out the back door and I found him hooking his cozy coupe up to the spray rig. I ran in and got my camera and followed him around. It was hilarious. He would check the hitch, and then the lights, he even banged on the trailer and hollered at the imaginary cows. His miniature cow dog followed him around the whole time. You think he has seen this done a few times?! (This pics are posted in the complete reverse order that I wanted them posted.)

San Antonio, TX

I had to go to San Antonio for a week for work last month. It was a fun trip, but lots of work and very tiring. I was so ready to get home and see my family and rest! It was hardest on Kylee. She was so sad that I was gone. Here are some fun pics of the trip and a letter that Kylee wrote me at school. (Again, not in the order I wanted, but not fighting blogger.)